What is the Start2Coin card for?

The Start2Coin Card allows you to buy, store and transfer your Bitcoins.

Buy: thanks to the barcode on the back of the card, Bitcoins can be bought very easily at a point of sale that has the Start2Coin service.
Store: the Bitcoins stored on your card can be consulted thanks to the Tangem mobile application: lien iOS lien Android
Transfer: thanks to the Tangem mobile application, you can transfer your Bitcoins to any Bitcoin wallet (on Android 5 and higher and iOS 13 and higher except iPhone 7).

Can I give the Start2Coin card as a gift?

Yes, you can offer the card. The beneficiary of the card will then be able to reload it at the point of sale.

How many reloads are possible on the Start2Coin card?

You can make a large number of reloads within the limits of the authorized caps (Terms and conditions of Start2Coin service), but we recommend that you do not reload more than CHF 2,000 in Bitcoins value in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. (Terms of use of the Start2Coin-Tangem card).

Is the transfer of Bitcoins to my Start2Coin card immediate?

Yes, time for the Blockchain to confirm the transaction.

Can I use the Start2Coin card as a means of payment?

If the payment recipient sends you the public address (QR code) of his Bitcoin wallet then you can proceed with the transfer in Bitcoins via the Tangem mobile application. (Instructions for use of the Tangem app).
It is not a bank card and therefore payments in local currency such as Euro, Swiss Franc, etc. with the card are not possible.
We are actively working to make the transfer of your Bitcoins from the Start2Coin card to a means of payment possible such as a prepaid debit card or bank account via an IBAN number.

Is access to the Start2Coin card via NFC password protected?

No. Access to the card using NFC technology is not password protected. It is important to keep any loaded card in a safe place. (Terms of use of the Start2Coin-Tangem card).

Can I buy Bitcoins with my own Bitcoin wallet?

You cannot buy Bitcoins directly with your own Bitcoin wallet. However, you can buy a Start2Coin card, load it with Bitcoins and then transfer the Bitcoins to your own Bitcoin wallet via the Tangem app.

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